James Patteson

James Patteson



Focus areas:  Community revitalization and resilience, strategic planning, infrastructure reinvestment, public private partnerships, streamlining regulatory programs and environmental sustainability.

James Patteson served Fairfax County for 34 years in numerous leadership positions, including County-wide Strategic Planning Manager, Director of Public Works and Environmental Services; Director of Land Development Services, and Director of Facilities Management.

Throughout his career, Mr. Patteson has spearheaded numerous public private partnerships in Fairfax County to build county facilities and spur economic development.  He has led efforts to reinvest in and revitalize older communities, and to create a more resilient community through effective mitigation, emergency response, and recovery planning.

Mr. Patteson served as staff to the Fairfax Economic Advisory Council to develop the Economic Success Strategic Plan.  He collaborated with the development community to streamline regulatory programs and improve the predictability, consistency, and speed of the entitlement and permitting processes.  Under his leadership, Fairfax became a leader in environmental stewardship in the management of stormwater, wastewater, solid waste, and capital facilities development.

Most recently, Mr. Patteson managed the development of Fairfax County’s strategic plan to guide future decision making and investments to achieve the Board of Supervisors’ long-term vision.

Mr. Patteson is a licensed Professional Engineer and Certified Building Official and Property Management Official.  He has a BS in Civil Engineering from Virginia Tech, a Master of Public Administration from George Mason University and graduated from the Senior Executive Institute of the University of Virginia Weldon Cooper Center.  Mr. Patteson was recently recognized by American Public Works Association as a Top Ten Public Works Leader for 2018 and received the George Mason Civil Engineering Institute Engineering Excellence & Leadership Award for 2019.

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